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Meteorite Museum

The unique museum with dozens of exhibited meteorites in Místek is the second largest permanent meteorite museum in the Czech Republic.

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Bee-keeping educational camp Chlebovice

Visit the largest territory in the Czech Republic with a unique apiculture museum and open-air museum, with educational garden of bee-keeping important plants, beehive, shop, the Chlebovice Museum.

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Marlenka visitors centre with excursion

Look under the hood of the production process of the Marlenka honey cake, produced according to the old-fashioned family recipe.

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Tour of Hyundai

Tour the Hyundai car manufacturing line in the state-of-the-art car factory in Europe. The Hyundai factory is thus gradually becoming an interesting tourist site with its own tourist stamp.

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Tour of Radegast Brewery

The brewery cornerstone was laid in 1965 and the first beer was made in 1970. The Moravian brewery was named after the mythical god Radegast who the ancient Slavic pagan tribes worshiped as a god of fire, sun, harvest and hospitality.

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Excursion to Staříč training drift

Are you interested in how it goes in the mine and how looks like? On the 200 meters of mine corridors, you can see a common mining site, including machines and equipment as in the real mine, and you will experience also the true noise that is generated during coal mining.

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